Barrie Tanning Beds


Sunset Tan offers tanning beds for every skin tone and budget. We have spectacular UV beds nestled within our 18 newly renovated rooms. Our salon facelift included upgrades and renovations that we know you deserve. When you walk into our bright, clean space we guarantee you will receive top-notch service and enjoy the best equipment money can buy.

Choose a lay-down or stand up tanning bed during your next visit to Sunset Tan, and experience a full body explosion of colour. Because our Smart Tan certified consultants care, they will customize your sessions based on your skin tone, sensitivity, and tanning goals.


Our tanning beds


KBL Alpha 7900

Our brand new 7900 Alpha is now at Sunset Tan Barrie. This bed offers red light therapy while you tan. 200 Watt bulbs will give you a quick and long-lasting tan while the red light therapy works hard to target facial issues you may have. Fine lines, acne, blemishes, and scarring will be drastically reduced in no time. It also offers Bluetooth connection so you can jam out to your own music every time you tan.

  • 44 Megaline body lamps
  • 4 facial bulbs
  • 2 shoulder lamps
  • LED lighting
  • Misting and Aroma features

Ergoline™ Excellence 850

This is the bed for you if you desire quality and results. Your tanning experience will not go unnoticed as you show off your evenly balanced tan. Opt for the voice guide to take you on a journey for your perfectly personalized tan.

  • 50 UV body lamps
  • 4 facial tanning bulbs
  • 13 Neck & Shoulder lamps
  • Ergonomic design with double acrylic
  • Comfort cooling
  • Turbo Power for excellent UV power output

Ergoline™ Classic 650

The Ergoline 650 is much more than just a classic tanning bed, it’s a legend. Say goodbye to tan lines and hello to comfort with its ergonomic formed body shape acrylic. This bed is perfect for the advanced tanner who has already developed a solid base tan.

  • 12 High-Pressure body and facial lamps
  • 26 Turbo Powered UV lamps
  • Should tanners for an all-around tan
  • High Power Fans to combat sweating



Surround yourself with glowing comfort in our premium stand up UV tanning beds. The Royal Sun is a glorious unit bursting with 50 individual body lamps, plus 12 facial and 12 leg lamps. They shine more light on those areas you wash and exfoliate the most. Lock your colour in with our Royal Sun Focus 50 stand up booth. Two-metre high lamps accommodate even the tallest of our customers. This makes our stand up units the preferred choice for many of our male customers.



Always remember to wear your protective eyewear correctly every time you tan indoors and wear sunglasses when tanning outdoors.

Want an even deeper tan? Applying your lotion before tanning is going to protect your epidermis from losing moisture while speeding up the tanning process. Our professional advice to you is to NEVER TAN WITHOUT A TANNING LOTION. We offer an array of lotions for every customer because we know that everyone’s skin is unique and requires customized attention.